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Physical Exams
Physical Exams services offered in Soldotna, AK

Physical exams help you and your doctor maintain your health as you age and prevent chronic diseases, like diabetes and hypertension. At Health North Family Medicine, LLC, a family medical practice in Soldotna, Alaska, the providers perform all types of physical exams, including annual, sports, and immigration physicals. Call Health North Family Medicine, LLC, today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

What are physical exams?

Physical exams are head-to-toe health evaluations that give your provider at Health North Family Medicine, LLC, regular opportunities to check up on your health. With a focus on prevention, physical exams help detect risk factors, early symptoms, and other changes that can signify health concerns.

Many chronic conditions, such as hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, and certain types of cancer, are asymptomatic in their early stages. By performing annual physical exams, your provider can identify these health concerns through preventive screenings.

What happens during physical exams?

When you arrive at Health North Family Medicine, LLC, the staff records your height and weight, as well as your vitals (blood pressure, respiration rate, temperature), and takes you into the exam room.

There are two parts to a physical exam: the medical history review and the physical evaluation.

Medical history review

Reviewing your medical history is an important step in determining your health status. Your provider asks detailed questions about your past injuries, illnesses, and surgeries. They also ask about any medications you’re taking and new or worsening symptoms you’re experiencing. Finally, they ask about your diet, lifestyle habits, and sexual history. 

Physical exam

During the physical exam, your provider assesses your appearance before looking inside your ears, nose, and throat. Next, they listen to your heart and lungs and palpate your abdomen. Before finishing the exam, your provider tests your reflexes and muscle strength. 

If you’re due for immunizations, your provider can administer them at your appointment. They may also perform additional screenings, such as a prostate, pelvic, or breast exam.

What are the different types of physical exams?

Health North Family Medicine, LLC, offers several types of physical exams, including:

Annual physical

An annual physical is a health assessment to check in on your overall health. The providers at Health North Family Medicine, LLC, recommend visiting for an annual physical once a year.

Sports physical

Many competitive sports teams in Alaska require passing a physical before you can play. Your provider can perform a sports physical and the documentation required.

INS physical

An INS physical is an exam you must undergo when immigrating to the United States. 

Insurance may pay for preventive physical exams.

To learn more about physical exams, call Health North Family Medicine, LLC, or schedule an appointment online today.